Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reset Canon Pixma iP1980 or Canon iP1900 series

Although software resetter Canon Pixma iP1980 or resetter canon Pixma iP1900 series not available on the internet now. Doesn’t mean there is no way to reset the printer series. My opinion canon Pixma iP 1980 is new version of Canon Pixma iP 1880 so the reset methode for canon iP 1880 can be applied to Reset Canon iP1980. I also tested using reset methode for Canon iP1700 on it’s work on several Printer Canon iP1900 series.
For permanent reset after doing the manual reset you must using software restter. Software resetter such as  iPtool and general tool for canon iP 1800 can be used to reset waste ink counter on the Canon iP1980 and Canon iP1900 series. To reset Waste Ink Tank canon iP1980 or iP1900 series follow this steps:
Tips Manual Reset from Dagreyt to Reset Canon iP1980
He say have tried it to Canon Pixma IP1980 and it perfectly works without using General Tools or IPtools.
  1. Unplug the power of your printer
  2. press and hold the power button
  3. Plug in the power while holding the power button
  4. then using a pen, press the Cover detection button (this button is pressed every time you close the cover, this button tells the printer if the cover is open or not. you will need to use a pen or any object that can reach the button since you cannot close the cover while holding the power button.)
  5. release the power button
  6. release the cover detection button
  7. close the cover and turn your printer on. done
Tips Reset  From J-TECH to Reset  Waste Ink counter in the Canon Pixma iP1900/1980 using software resetter

CANON PIXMA IP1900 is just a successor of ip1880 PARTS & MANUALS ARE THE SAME but a little bit faster than 1880 (before using this resetter you must reset your printer manually)
  1. USE GENERAL TOOL which you can download here.
  3. click lock release
  4. click ip1800
  5. click device id
  6. clear waste ink counter by clicking MAIN & PLATEN
  7. Check EEPROM Box
  8. Click EEPROM Dump
  9. Test pattern 1
  10. Your Done…